"The meaning of life is to find you

"The meaning of life is to find you


?"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." P. Picasso ?
All teachers at Yoga Blend and every other yoga studio would agree – we have found our gift. The Gift of Yoga.
This could be a hobby at first, and evolve into a passion and then become the way of life.
We all would like to share our gift with others. The current lockdown will affect most of us – some more than others, especially as we cannot even see each other face to face, and when we do our masks cover our smiling emotions. It can be painful seeing such an emotionless world…
I've never been a big fan of technology and always thought that it is absolutely crazy to spend so much money on certain products. I own an old laptop and to be honest I'm very unhappy with it at the moment. The screen resolution feels blurry. I don't mind it for reading, or browsing and even watching short videos, but I do mind not being able to see clearly people smiling back at me! I also mind that it’s now the only way to see people's uncovered faces or even being able to recognise any sign of someone asking for help.
We all would like to offer you a FREE yoga or pilates class every week.
Spread a word, follow us on social media.
?Free class will be announced every Sunday ?
If you don’t mind too much try and turn your camera on, let's see and say hi to each other, let's smile back to each other, and of course let us know if you need any some help or assistance – a chat, a walk, a song or more yoga ! Anything. Let's stay connected through emotions, let's make each other feel better. All storms pass, this one shall pass too.
Lots of love



"The meaning of life is to find you
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