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Laura started practising yoga approximately eight years ago. Constant lower back pain, mild depression and a thriving for peace and balance took her to yoga and she fell in love with it. She then started looking forward to learning more, and trying different types of yoga, and eventually experience a different way of living. 

She gained 200h YTT followed by advanced vinyasa, anusara and hot yoga training and as well as Kids Yoga TT with Rainbow Yoga. Most recently she developed a deeper interest in the relaxation aspects of yoga and its benefits, so she undertook a 50h restorative yoga TT. 

Laura believes Yoga practice has the power to change our outlook on life. It can create a sense of happiness deep within, encourage to follow your dreams, trust believe and love yourself the way you are. Laura teaches several different styles of yoga– aiming to provide something for everyone, but her favourite is vinyasa and restorative yoga. In her classes, expect to feel both energised and relaxed as well as have fun on your mat by trying new things. Sometimes you can get funky playlists and a good dose of humour, and sometimes you will be chilled, relaxed and “just breathe”.


Yoga came into my life 9 years ago and it was at this point that I instantly felt the physical benefits of the postures. Being able to form the body into beautiful asanas that requires patience, dedication and concentration continues to inspire me. After visiting an ashram in India 2012 I began to realise that yoga was not just impacting my life physically but also mentally, as I would gain excitement and clarity. Having spent time in various yoga schools in India, Thailand and Bali I have continued to dig deeper into the impact that yoga was having on my personal growth and the spiritual possibilities. During my most recent stay in Thailand I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself into a yogic environment, teaching and practising at a Yoga School on the Island of Koh Phangan, In addition to this I have had the pleasure of qualifying in and teaching various styles including, Hatha, Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin Yoga.

When teaching classes, I have always enjoyed inspiring; encouraging and helping students focus their energy to achieve positive outcomes that can help them make a real difference in their lives on and of their yoga mat. Yoga continues to transform me and help me gain inner peace, joy and fulfilment. In class I enjoy creating a positive atmosphere by inspiring and encouraging students to work with their mind, body and breath.

My passion for fitness and movement  started at a young age with my love of dance and yoga . I decided to join a local running club in my early 20s and then a local health club and at the age of 25 I qualified as a Etm and Pilates instructor and took the risk to give up my full time job and follow my passion for fitness .  11 years on I still love it , iv taught many different fitness classes over the years but have always kept my love of Pilates, I feel Pilates was a huge help whilst I was pregnant with my twins and also helped me feel strong and toned after having them .

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Louise comes from a dance background having studied ballet, tap, modern and contemporary dance in her formative years in London. Having moved to Devon in 2007 she has been teaching various programmes in the Plymouth area since 2012.

Louise teaches a freestyle Yoga program encompassing a mix of style using dynamic and fluid movement (primarily Vinyasa Flow) to enhance flexibility, posture and strength. She incorporates Yoga postures and deep stretch sequences, forgoing the terminology and references of traditional Yoga. This program is an effective and sustainable exercise appealing to all ages and levels. Louise’s teaching style aims to add a contemporary twist to this established and philosophical discipline; a fusion of traditional and modern. She believes that all of us are a work-in-progress, continuing to gather knowledge and skill, to improve our potential and enhance our physical development and well-being. 

Yoga played a pivotal role in a part of my life when I felt I needed support, grounding and direction. It was then that I realised that there is so much more to this practice than its physical postures.I have always been active, having done many triathlons and road running races, but yoga filled something missing in my life, with its non-judgmental and non-competitive nature. In a world full of the pressures of social media, mental health issues, academic and work-related achievements and financial insecurities, yoga offers a safe space to just ‘be’, rather than ‘do’. Yoga taught me that you can achieve anything you set your heart on and I feel that for children, this is a powerful way to help children and adult through the turbulence and pressures of adolescent life. School curricula don’t prepare children and young adults for emotional challenges, or teach them the moral codes we find in the yoga philosophy.I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Zen Yoga Dubai under the knowledgeable guidance of Diana Azavedo in 2017 and since being in Dubai, I succeeded in getting yoga onto the curriculum of the Dubai British School for 10-14 year-olds.

My yoga classes are smooth and gentle, accessible for all – all body types, all ages and all abilities. yoga gives us the chance to really connect with our bodies, and to slow down while gaining strength. Our yoga mats are a way to understand ourselves better; physically, mentally, emotionally. Practicing with me, you can expect to feel safe and aligned, and become mentally calm and physically strong

My name’s Sue Suddaby-Overton and I’m a Holistic Therapist, Fitness Instructor and Yoga and Pilates teacher.  I teach a mixed approach to my classes offering mixed ability sessions from beginners through to advanced.  During yoga classes, a spiritual and mindful approach is taken which privately takes each participant into their own experience of reflection and emotion.  I’m a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner, Helix Healing Practitioner, Reflexologist, Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, trainee Counsellor, and a tarot reader / psychic clairvoyant medium.  I’ve taught a variety of fitness classes since 2004 and offer various healing modalities alongside.  I take a mindful approach taking into account the pressures of every day life and in each class there is always something for everyone.  I teach privately in the community, in gyms and one on ones in peoples homes across Plymouth and Saltash.

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