Meet Our Team

Laura started practising yoga approximately ten years ago. Constant lower back pain, mild depression and a thriving for peace and balance took her to yoga and she fell in love with it. She then started looking forward to learning more, and trying different types of yoga, and eventually experience a different way of living. 

She gained 200h YTT followed by advanced vinyasa, anusara and hot yoga training and as well as Kids Yoga TT with Rainbow Yoga. Most recently she developed a deeper interest in the relaxation aspects of yoga and its benefits, so she undertook a 50h restorative yoga TT and 40h Yoga Nidra training.

Laura believes Yoga practice has the power to change our outlook on life. It can create a sense of happiness deep within, encourage to follow your dreams, trust believe and love yourself the way you are. Laura teaches several different styles of yoga– aiming to provide something for everyone, but her favourite is vinyasa and restorative yoga. In her classes, expect to feel both energised and relaxed as well as have fun on your mat by trying new things. Sometimes you can get funky playlists and a good dose of humour, and sometimes you will be chilled, relaxed and “just breathe”.

Louise comes from a dance background having studied ballet, tap, modern and contemporary dance in her formative years in London. Having moved to Devon in 2007 she has been teaching various programmes in the Plymouth area since 2012.

Louise teaches a freestyle Yoga program encompassing a mix of style using dynamic and fluid movement (primarily Vinyasa Flow) to enhance flexibility, posture and strength. She incorporates Yoga postures and deep stretch sequences, forgoing the terminology and references of traditional Yoga. This program is an effective and sustainable exercise appealing to all ages and levels. Louise’s teaching style aims to add a contemporary twist to this established and philosophical discipline; a fusion of traditional and modern. She believes that all of us are a work-in-progress, continuing to gather knowledge and skill, to improve our potential and enhance our physical development and well-being. 

Driven by a passion for holistic wellbeing, Lucy travelled to Indonesia in early 2016 to gain her 200hr Yoga Teaching Qualification.  With an extensive background in dance and movement, and a more recent experience within massage and body therapy, Lucy draws upon her knowledge of the body to offer intelligent and stimulating classes.

“My passion lies in making yoga both accessible and relevant. In the recognition that every body is unique, I aim to honour the needs of the individual whilst creating space to become inquisitive about the body and our moment-to moment, fluctuating relationship to ourselves.”

Bobbi loves anything sporty and outdoorsy however her passion lies in Pilates.
After participating in many Pilates classes over the years and realising the benefits, she decided to train in it and have been teaching ever since. 6 years on and she still loves teaching Pilates.  She especially loves to see how it can transform peoples lives. From chronic back pain to sports injuries, Pilates can be for everyone.

She is trained in Level 3 Pilates, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, Pre and post natal Pilates, and Older adults Pilates.
Her style of teaching includes working all the muscles in the body at levels that’s right for you. So even if you are the fittest of the fit or completely new to exercise, you will never come to her class and feel you can’t do any of it as there is always a level and option right for you.

Céline discovered Yoga alongside Mindfulness in 2010 when she was working as an English Teacher in Peru. The practice helped her to find balance and grounding in her busy life. Wishing to share the many benefits of yoga with other people, Céline undertook a 200h Teacher Training Course at Sunny Yoga in Thailand and joined Yoga Blend Studio.

Passionate about healing and well-being for all, Céline has been teaching Reiki and giving sessions at the Devon School of Reiki for the past four years. This practice goes hand in hand with Yoga as it offers the opportunity for us to connect to our body and mind, to experience stillness, balance, and a sense of clarity. Céline specialises in teaching Yin and Restorative Yoga.

Céline loves working with children and is experienced in running “Finding the Key” after-school clubs in Primary Schools in Devon. Finding the Key introduces a number of holistic ideas and activities including Mindfulness, Yoga, Reiki and relaxation techniques for the children to use at home or at school.

When not teaching Yoga, you may find Céline teaching Reiki and holding sessions in Yoga Blend’s beautiful Mandala Studio! 

Yoga has been a mainstay in Michelle’s life since 2008. It has helped shape who  she is today and she is grateful for what she has learned so far, on and off the mat. When she started to take her practice seriously, she realised how yoga gave her the ability to heal herself physically and emotionally and have a more positive effect on the world around her. 

Following her first teacher training, she gained much experience teaching in gyms and studios across Central and South West London over a 5 year period before returning to her hometown of Plymouth in the Spring of 2021.

She initially trained in Vinyasa and since then she has undergone further training in Yin, Restorative, and Yoga for Longevity as well the more subtle practices of Pranayama and Meditation. She creates a peaceful environment in which her students can enjoy their class and at the same time, gain the tools they need to permanently improve their lives and overall wellbeing. Her approach to teaching is heart centred. She offers creative, intelligent sequences that are anatomy-informed, with freedom for exploration and self-enquiry while honouring the traditional roots of Yoga. She inspires her students to have a playful and fun attitude to their practice. 

Off the mat, she encourages a Kula energy amongst her students and has witnessed many beautiful friendships blossom. She is currently enrolled with the Vesselfiy school of yoga who study the Rajanaka Tantra teachings. She remains committed to her own studentship and personal practice and thanks her teachers for the love, support and encouragement they have shown over the years.

In addition to Yoga, she also practices Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Sound Healing Therapy. 

FLOW workshopJason is a soulful and calm yoga teacher, whose creativeness, rapport and empathy will facilitate your personal transformation. He teaches Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, Traditional Yoga Therapy and Yin Yoga in the Plymouth area. Anyone who enjoys a physical, but meditative practice, wants to laugh and go against the flow should enjoy his open classes.

Jason started a meditation practice in 1994 and began learning physical aspects of yoga in 2005 and slowly developed a personal daily practice based on Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga.

With his regular yoga practice, he found the personal therapeutic benefits to help overcome his personal addictions and depression.   Since then he has been using yoga to help recovering addicts, utilizing both yoga and holistic therapy programmes. Through yoga Jason has learnt to humble himself, becoming more teachable and able to realize his passions.  

Leanne is passionate about how the power of yoga can transform our lives and inner worlds.  She is an avid student of all things yoga, especially her root practise of Ashtanga Vinyasa and seeks out yoga teachings from scriptures, courses and workshops from both ancient and modern teachers and scholars.   Her goal is to make this ancient knowledge accessible and relevant to the modern day people and their lives and goals in her classes.  She certified in London, spent time as a karma yogi in Spain, then returned to the big city to establish herself as a trusted teacher. She is now back in Plymouth and enjoys the more relaxed living with plenty of sea air and nature! Leanne also makes her own eco conscious yoga outfits using her skills from her fashion degree years ago!

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