Happy belated birthday to Yoga Blend

Happy belated birthday to Yoga Blend


We made a little video to remember our Beach Yoga Party ?
Here you go, you all connecting with your breath during Hatha practise, showing your moves and sharing a good laughter in Wine, Buti and Laughter yoga!
I cannot express myself enough how grateful and how much all your support and help means to me. ?????
It's been a beautiful journey, where I met wonderful people, made fantastic friends and most importantly I feel a part of this amazing city and yogi community.
Thank you to all of you – students, teachers, all other people who helped to bring life to the old building and create the place for us to share our passion for yoga.
Huge thank you to my amazing boyfriend Paul l for encouraging me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams. ?

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Happy belated birthday to Yoga Blend
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