Free Class this Saturday 10am

Free Class this Saturday 10am


"May every morning we renew our intentions.
May we aim higher and believe in ourselves and each other.
Let us all remember that each time we practise yoga we help to heal not only ourselves but also entire community. May we be a breath of life to the body of humankind kind"
This is a quote of one of my favourite books "Life worth breathing" by Mark Storm
It really lifts me up on my dark days. I don't have much time for readings and yoga since the little one was born, but I still manage to find 20 min to read or to practise.. Unfortunately not every day.. I believe we all can, if we really want. Most of us are full of excuses (including me) why we can not do it and keep promising ourselves to do it tomorrow. And finally when we get on our mats, we never regret it. Because it really lifts you up, it brightens up your day.
Don't look for excuses just grab your mat and your body, and join us this Saturday and every week for free yoga class.…/less…/5762983/gentle-hatha-online



Free Class this Saturday 10am
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