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Hatha is a mindful and meditative approach to opening the body with softness. Its designed to give you time to slow down, build an awareness of body and mind, connecting both aspects. A session includes meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise) and asana (poses). The classes classes are beginner friendly, all levels welcome.

Gentle Flow


Gentle Flow is slow pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening movements which are performed in a sequence, concentrating in for maximum benefits. Awareness of the breath helps to calm the mind and enables you to move deeper into the stretches. Perfectly suitable to beginners.



A slower paced class that focuses on correct alignment and getting the most from your yoga practice. We take the time to look at how the body should be aligned in poses and offer options to modify depending on your needs. Suitable for all levels including those completely new to yoga as well as being useful for students who want to step back and catch up on yoga basics.

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Vinyasa is a fun and an energetic practise designed to get the body moving in all directions, learn to link your breath with movement, build strength, balance and flexibility as you flow through the sequence. This class is great for all skill level, but requires a bit of physical strength.

Rocket Yoga


Rocket Yoga is the perfect sequence of postures, breath and tempo, designed to make some of the more challenging yoga postures accessible to everyone. We get to try headstands, handstands, forearm balances, back bending and twists. This is done by providing a variety of options which develop the progression of the practice through stepping stones. You will feel supported during the class as there is a posture for everyone.

 We use bandhas and breath at a faster pace, building strength and stamina. The Rocket helps facilitate our journey to the essence of our very being. Why is it called the Rocket? Because it gets you there faster.



Ashtanga means eight limbs or branches, which purpose is to create a union among body, mind, and spirit.
The Complementation of Limbs Asana is the body postures and exercises that create strength and endurance, improving circulation and energy flow. All the process by cleansing organs and other systems, and expanding muscles and joints. Each asana in the different series is designed to build on the last to prepare you for the next asana as well. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system is a set progression that you will do each time you practice and is also a great way to develop a home practice.

Hot Yoga


The Hot Yoga (Bikram inspired) class is based on 26 Hatha yoga postures performed in heated room aprox 33-38 C in a particular order to allow the body to feel energised by stretching and strengthening out the muscles. This class will make you sweat. Hot yoga is suitable for all levels; variations for postures are given in class to allow you to perform at your individual pace whilst still allowing you to challenge yourself. This is a great beginners class.





Barre is a ballet inspired workout, a contemporary version of a classic discipline. It’s designed to shape and tone targeting postural muscles, legs and glutes and building core strength, developing expression to create the performance in us all. Set to upbeat and current music, Barre is a combination of strength and cardio work with the use of light weights to intensify. Ballet dancers are amongst the world’s strongest athletes so don’t underestimate the burn!

Relax with...

Yin Yoga


The floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.
Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees. These candlelight classes focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. 

Restorative Yoga


Restorative poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress, including weakness and fatigue brought on by our daily fast paced activities. The poses are supported by props and held for 5 minutes or more

This practice emphasizes stillness and silence, and prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation.


Your instructor can teach you how subtle adjustments in your alignment can help you create a strong foundation, ultimately leading you to a better understanding of yoga. You will, as a result, develop a stronger and definitely safer yoga practice. Every individual is unique and we all have different levels of awareness. Your yoga teacher will develop a unique programme geared towards you and your overall wellbeing, personal fitness, level/experience and long term goals

Prices from £30


Gather your friends together and build your own Yoga Team! We will provide you with one of our expert teachers and ambience to build your very own yoga class….bringing our great class direct to you.

Recommended for families, group of friends, hen parties.

Prices From £55


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