Another beautiful sunny day. Its getting

Another beautiful sunny day. Its getting


Another beautiful sunny day. Its getting warmer and warmer. It is so pleasantly beautiful to see the Earth reborn, all flowers start blossoming, green trees and meadows are coming back to life, fresh air filling the lungs. Another day to say thank you life for the beautiful day.??
Thank you very much for practising, supporting us and your teachers. It was very new and strange for all of us to leave the studio and start practising online, at home. It's a huge commitment and effort! There is always something to do in the house and its so difficult to shut your chatty mind and stay on the mat. But we did it. All together. ?
Its been a month since the studio closed the doors. We gathered your thoughts and feedback and slightly adjusted our timetable. Please grab your mat, go to your garden, smile to the sun, place your hands near your heart centre and join us to inhale love, peace and clarity…?
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Another beautiful sunny day. Its getting
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