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New member offer

*30 days unlimited yoga £35

or *10 days for £18

*consecutive days (pregnancy yoga not included)

more than 20 classes per week including Hot Yoga 

studio, online live and recorded classes to practise at your own time

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New to Yoga?

Discover the gift of wellbeing this Christmas! Embrace tranquility with our 5 week course. Give the joy of mindfulness to yourself or a friend- a present that nurtures you both

It is open to everyone looking to experience what it is like to be mentally and physically relaxed as well as learning a variety of different yoga poses. 

A different family of poses will be looked into and practiced each week so that you get an all-round introduction

In each yoga class, we will be taking each yoga pose at a much slower pace and breaking each pose down to ensure that care and attention is being paid to your alignment and form so that you will learn how to practice yoga in an effective and safe way all while ensuring you come out feeling meditated and calm.

The course price £40. Starting 04/01/24

If you miss one of the classes, you will be given an opportunity to attend one of our other classes in the studio

Yoga and Sound Therapy Studio in Plymouth

200h Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Blend is yoga and pilates studio based in Plymouth created for the modern day yogi. We aim to provide a variation of classes from hot yoga, vinyasa, yin, pilates and as well as a traditional Hatha yoga practice. There will be a unique personal feel and touch to all our classes. Some of the classes can be challenging, however there is a balanced mixture of insightful alignment, playfulness, intensity, softness, exhilaration and calmness.

“Let us accept all the different paths as different rivers running toward the same ocean.”

Our aim is to provide a relaxing atmosphere, enabling students to experience a sense of Zen as well as being physically challenged. We welcome students from all fitness levels and ages and aim to create a happy and healthy yogic community.


Yin Detox

6th of January 3pm-6pm

Lower Back

27th of January 11.30am-1.30pm

lower back care

3 Nights Yoga

26th-29th of April

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